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JazzInPopCulture is a website and database created by Ramsey Castaneda to collect and catalog mass media references to jazz. Jazz references in popular culture can take many forms, including:

Types of jazz references

What is most interesting, however, is how a simple reference to jazz can convey a wide range of meanings, from snooty and pretentious, to risque or romantic. Investigation into the use of jazz iconography in popular media reveals insight into the popular perceptions of jazz. While many of these references are entertaining, JazzInPopCulture also aims to illuminate many of the short-comings in jazz culture that musicians and aficionados alike can work to correct.

This website is a labor of love, from the coding, animation, and video ediditing to the reseach and social meida posts on Facebook and Twitter. Please spend some time exploring the website, and let me know of any jazz references not found on this site.

How to search JazzInPopCulture.com

JazzInPopCulture categorizes each jazz reference by three criteria: keywords, stereotypes, medium, and year. Click on the drop-down menu for "stereotypes," "medium," and "year" within the search section in order to see the full search options.

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Ramsey Castaneda

JazzInPopCulture was created by Ramsey Castaneda, a professional jazz musician in Los Angeles, California. He is currently in the doctorate of musical arts (DMA) program at the University of Southern California. Ramsey is also an avid web developer and has created multiple projects related to music and jazz.

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