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1Jazz is Stupid: The Office, S09E082012TV Show
2The Blacklist: Jazz at the Vanguard - S01E092013TV Show
3Sweet and Lowdown1999Movie
4John Coltrane: A Chicken Supreme1991Comic
5Grey Goose Commercial: Wayne Escoffery0000Advertisement
6Blazing Saddles: Count Basie1974Movie
7Ricky Gervais: "Oh God, Jazz."2016Movie
8Vivek Ranadive (Kings owner) wants a jazz director2014Web Article
9Jerry Seinfeld and the Buddy Rich tapes1998TV Show
10The Onion: Overfunded Public School Forced To2007Web Article
11Woman ends 20-year attempt to like jazz2015TV Show
12Jim Carrey Scats Salt Peanuts1996Movie
13Branford Marsalis on the Fresh Prince1994TV Show
14The Office: Jazz is like basketball2005TV Show
15Miles Davis, Sanborn cameo in Scrooged1988Movie
16American Hustle: “ Jeep's Blues ”2013Movie
17Spinal Tap on Jazz2009Movie
18Jazz Apples2001Product
19President Obama Speaks at International Jazz Day2016Lyrics/Prose/Speech
20Wynton Marsalis and Movado Watches1998Advertisement
21John Coltrane Hologram in Vanilla Sky2001Movie
22Jerry Maguire and Jazz1996Movie
23Modern Family: S09E112016TV Show
24Bill Clinton Inauguration: Kenny G, Brecker, G. Mulligan1997Lyrics/Prose/Speech
25Scottie Pippen and Thelonious Monk: Nike Commercial1996Advertisement
26Peep Show: S06E04, Miles Davis2009TV Show
27The Royal Tenenbaums: 'Did you just call me Coltrane?'2001Movie
28Sonny Rollins in Commercial for Pioneer Electronics1977Advertisement
29Snoop Dogg on Herbie 'Thank you for creating hip hop!'2013TV Show
30Bill Cosby on sitting in with Sonny Stitt0000TV Show
31President Obama's Summer Nights Spotify Playlist2015Web Article
32Holidays with the Bidens: Spotify Playlist2015Web Article
33Holidays with the Obamas: Spotify Playlist2015Web Article
34Law & Order: SVU - Coltrane and Hartman2012TV Show
35NCIS: Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw?2004TV Show
36The Terminal, 20042004Movie
37Arthur featuring Joshua Redman and Yo-Yo Ma1999TV Show
38Talladega Nights: Jazz Scene2006Movie
39The Mighty Boosh: "Electro," S01E072004TV Show
40Key and Peele - Vocal Jazz Scat Battle2014TV Show
41Key and Peele: Bobby McFerrin vs. Winslow2012TV Show
42Key and Peele: Trumpet Battle2013TV Show
43Family Guy: Al Jarreau Jazeera2015TV Show
44Family Guy: Bobby McFerrin Falling Down Stairs2005TV Show
45Jeff Garlin on Sonny Rollins2015TV Show
46Stephen Colbert Playing Trumpet2016TV Show
47Colbert's HipHopKetBall: A Jazzerbration2001TV Show
48Bruce Almighty: Do you like jazz?2003Movie
49The Age of Adeline: I love jazz, but this is something else.2015Movie
50San Francisco Jazz Festival commercial 0000Advertisement
51Collateral - Tom Cruise as Jazz Nerd2004Movie
52SNL presidential debate: Jazzman and Coltrane2016TV Show
53SpongeBob - How to be a man2001TV Show
54Parks and Rec.: Jazz + Jazz = Jazz2012TV Show
55Donald Trump and Kenny G1997Print (non-advertisement)
56Almost Famous: Lester Bangs and Coltrane2000Movie
57The Rat Race (1960): Saxophone Audition with Sam Butera 1960Movie
58Gerry Mulligan Cameo in The Rat Race (1960)1960Movie
59Don Ellis arr. of Princess Leia's Theme1977Music
60Frank Sinatra's Letter to George Michael (via LA Times)1990Print (non-advertisement)
61Brother Thelonious: North Coast Brewing's Beer0000Product
62Dogfish Head's Bitches Brew2010Product
63John Coltrane in Jeep Grand Cherokee Ads0000Advertisement
64Martin Luther King, Jr. on Jazz1964Lyrics/Prose/Speech
65Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock with Neil deGrasse Tyson on StarTalk2016TV Show
66Richard Nixon plays "Happy Birthday" for Duke Ellington1969Movie
67Nine Simone and Crest toothpaste1964Advertisement
68Kimmel's Oscar Monologue: White people saved jazz.2017Lyrics/Prose/Speech
69Betty Boop, Cab Calloway, and Minnie the Moocher1932Movie
70Hustle Man on Martin: I'm Hustle Marsalis... Branford and Wynton's baby brother1996TV Show
71"Trump" calls Lester Holt a "Jazzman"... again2017TV Show
72Tommy Boy: Herbie Hancock v. John Hancock1995Movie
73Three Little Bops1957TV Show